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Hi everyone! My name is Niamh and I am the owner of New Moon Management, a social media management and website development agency. I completed a course on all things social media in March of this year and thus New Moon was born! Having spent the majority of the pandemic nursing in a very busy ICU, this new challenge allowed me to show off my creative side and thus a new passion was born.

New Moon Management offers social media management services to business owners who know they need to get online but simply don’t have the time. I am also delighted to announce (with my brand new self built website!) that I am now offering website development services also! I offer a range of packages and I am always open to having a conversation with anyone who isn’t sure what they need, or where to start.

If you are interested in learning more about what I do or if you would like to work with me, feel free to visit my social media accounts, send me an email, book a free discovery call or send me a message.

New Moon Management's

Special Skills

Social Media Guru
I completed an online course which covered all things social media, including algorithms, hashtag research and creation, page optimisation and everything in between! I have also completed a course in premium website development, so your bespoke new website is now just a message away.

Support System

I am passionate about business and the effect a strong online presence can have. Be it through a website or your social media. I will work closely with you throughout our project, as who knows your better business than you! Offering you regular updates and progress messages along the way.

Unique View

Having spent many years as a customer on the other side of the screen, I know what makes a good website. Having completed a web development course means I now know how to build one too! I bring my unique view to all my projects and work tirelessly to ensure you have an online presence and site that you can be proud of.
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